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The Lacplesa Alus brewery is a leading supplier of beer in Latvia. The company's hallmark, Lacplesis, is considered high quality and placed in the premium segment with special strength in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. In addition to its own brands, the company sells and distributes a number of international brands of beer in Latvia.


In 2003, the entire Latvian beer market totalled approximately 1.5 million hectolitres of which Lacplesa Alus had a share of approximately 11% making it the third largest beer supplier in Latvia. In 2004, however, this market share dropped to approximately 7%.
Royal Unibrew acquired controlling interest in Lacplesa Alus in 2004, and expects significant sales and distribution-related synergies between Lacplesis Alus and Royal Unibrew's Latvian soft drink company, Cido. We also expect positive results from procurement and production synergies by collaborating with Kalnapilis in Lithuania.


Began as a communal farm

Lacplesa Alus has roots in the Lāčplēsis communal farm in Lielvārde which began to produce “homebrewed beer” in the post-war years. Sales and production increased year by year and the production facilities became more and more professional. In 1993, the brewery was privatised, i.e. taken over by the employees. The ownership expanded in the years that followed.


Today, the company has a staff of approximately 200. The administration facilities are located in Riga, while production takes place in Lielvarde, approximately 50 km southeast of Riga.



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