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Today, Kalnapilis is the fastest growing brewery in Lithuania. The history of Kalnapilis dates back to 1902 when a private brewery by the name of Bergschlössen (English: “the little castle on the hill”, Lithuanian: “Kalnapilis”) was founded in the town of Panevezys in northern Lithuania. The founder, who was of German descent, was Albert Foight.


In 1918, Kalnapilis became a limited company. After the Soviet Union's takeover in 1940, Kalnapilis – along with many other Baltic businesses – was nationalised. When Lithuania regained its independence in 1992, Kalnapilis was again transferred to private ownership. In the years 1970-1990, Kalnapilis underwent comprehensive renovations, replacing most of the old production facility.


Modernisation and product expansion

In 1994, Kalnapilis was taken over by BBH (Baltic Beverages Holding). In the course of two years, BBH invested USD 12 million in Kalnapilis. This transformed the company into the most modern brewery in the Baltic Region and served to optimise product quality. Its capacity is 600,000 hectolitres annually.
After the modernisation of the brewery, Kalnapilis launched several new brands of beer along with massive advertising campaigns, which secured increased market shares.

The fastest growing brewery

In 2001, Kalnapilis was acquired by Royal Unibrew. Kalnapilis, which is the fastest growing brewery in Lithuania, holds approximately one-fourth of the beer market in Lithuania. The brewery supports both culture and sports in Lithuania, for instance as the main sponsor of the Lithuanian basketball league. Basketball is Lithuania's national sport.


At the World Beer Cup 2004 in the USA, two new Kalnapilis beers won gold medals in competition with 1,564 other products from 393 breweries in 40 countries.

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