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The Royal series is Royal Unibrew's flagship in the Danish beer market. Three in four Danes are familiar with Royal, which is constantly gaining market shares. The first product in the series was the luxury beer Royal Export, launched in 1985. The Royal series also includes: Royal Pilsner, Royal Classic, Royal X-MAS (blue), Royal X-MAS (white), Royal Selection, Royal Stout and (from 2005) Royal Red.


Royal Pilsner

is Royal Unibrew's Danish household beer in the lager segment. Royal Pilsner is brewed from the special Royal malt, using bitter hops as well as aromatic hops. To really bring out the fruity aroma that is a characteristic of all Royal beers, we make sure that Royal Pilsner and Royal Classic both have a balanced content of aromatic hops. Aromatic hops also give a richer taste and a better mouth feel. 

Alcohol percentage by volume: 4.6%
Packaging: 33 cl bottle; 33 cl can , 50 cl can, 30 litre keg, bulk beer



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