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Winning market shares as THE CHALLENGER

Denmark is Royal Unibrew's largest single market. It is also here, that the main part of our production takes place, and thus our largest exports are from Denmark. Royal Unibrew is Scandinavia's leading beer exporter and Denmark's second largest beer provider.


In Denmark, Royal Unibrew produces at the Albani and Faxe breweries.


Royal Unibrew holds a share of 20-25% of the Danish market measured by volumes. However, on draught beer the share held is significantly higher as our share of tank and keg beer sales ranges between 25 and 30%. Incidentally, draught beer is the only beer category that shows progress in these years when looking at total Danish beer consumption. Furthermore, Royal Unibrew's total share of the Danish market for branded beer has increased in recent years. That is not least due to the focus on the national beer brand Royal. The Royal series consisting of nine varieties continues to show considerable growth. This indicates that it is possible to capture consumers' attention and demand by focusing on quality and versatility.


In 2007, Royal Unibrew entered into an agreement with Heineken to brew and distribute Heineken beer in Denmark. Heineken sales has strengthened us further as Danish consumers show increasing interest in foreign beer brands.

General market conditions
In line with many other European countries, Denmark has seen declining beer consumption in recent years; however, the declining trend is slowing down.


The bulk of Danish beer sales is effected through retailing which should be viewed in the light of Danish tradition for consumption at home and the large difference in selling price between the retail and HoReCa segments. The retail sector is characterised by increasing price competition and dominance by few large supermarket chains.


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