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Hans Christian Andersen, Odense's famous international townsman, loved Albani. In a letter from one of his many stays in his hometown, he wrote of the brewery's product: “I cannot praise this beer enough. It is refreshing, delicate and strong. Try it!”

Many did just that, and many still do. From being a local undertaking based in Odense, Albani Bryggerierne has long since become the beer of the whole of Funen. And today, friends of Albani can be found in every corner of Denmark where you can get the Brew of Funen.


One of the town's first industrial enterprises

The fairytale about Albani began many years before Hans Christian Andersen wrote his flattering comment. The brewery was founded by the chemist Theodor Schiøtz in 1859 as one of the town's first industrial enterprises. The brewery was situated in central Odense, where it still stands today.
In 1874, a major expansion was undertaken. In 1891 came the first bottled beer and, thus, the need for a mechanised bottling plant. This led to strong expansion up to 1900.



After the turn of the century, the brewery industry became highly consolidated, also on Funen, where Albani took over four other breweries in the years up to 1934. In the 1960s and 70s, two more breweries were acquired on Funen. Albani also expanded beyond the region: In 1956, Sønderborg Bryghus was acquired; in 1986, Bryggeriet Slotsmøllen in Kolding; in 1996, the Baldur mineral water plant in Esbjerg and in 1997, Maribo Bryghus on the island of Lolland. The Lolland brewery is the only brewery acquired that is still producing beer and soft drinks – now under the auspices of Royal Unibrew. In 2000, Albani Bryggerierne merged with the Danish Brewery Group, today known as Royal Unibrew.


Major investments

Over the last 10 years, significant investments were made to modernise technical facilities, most recently a flexible bottle line that can tap recyclable and disposable bottles as well as cans. The bottle line also has a packing machine that enables the brewery to deliver products in many different types of packaging.
Some of the popular brands brewed at Albani are Royal, Odense Pilsner and Classic, Giraf Beer and the export success Power Malt.



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