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"APPELLATION d'Origine Contrôlée"

In France, a leading wine producer globally, both local and imported speciality beer is increasingly consumed. This has supported Royal Unibrew's subsidiary Centre Nordique (CNA) to position and sell products such as Faxe, Thor, Giraf and Red Erik in selected areas, e.g. the Rhône-Alpes region and Brittany.

The customers are both in retail and in the HoReCa-sector. Our brands are often presented as "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée" – a reference to the world-renowned quality principles in the wine industry and also information to consumers that Royal Unibrew's products on the French market are authentic, that is, are always brewed and tapped in Denmark.

Our marketing is conducted in close cooperation with regional and local distributors who, in addition to delivering the products, service bars and businesses in close cooperation with Centre Nordique.

General market conditions
In spite of having one of the largest alcohol consumptions in the world, the French beer consumption per capita is only half of Western Europe's average beer consumption. Beer consumption has stagnated or dropped slightly in recent years, depending on the weather during the summer season. A significant increase in beer consumption is not expected in France. This is due to an overall decrease in the consumption of alcoholic beverages and particularly restrictive legislation (Loi Evin) aimed primarily at checking alcohol consumption.

The beer market is dominated by lager (approximately 2/3). However, this segment is declining slightly at the expense of specialty beers. Specialty beers include imported beer, which explain the increse in imported beer in recent years. Generally, disposable bottles are used in the retail sector, while the hotel, restaurant and catering sector uses recyclable bottles. The share of cans is now at approximately 10% and is expected to increase.

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