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THE WORLDS LARGEST malt drink market

Royal Unibrew is among leading suppliers of malt drinks in Africa and owns Vitamalt, the preferred brand of many local consumers. Vitamalt is the worlds third largest brand within malt drinks and at the same time the largest and most widely distributed malt drink brand in Africa. This position is strengthened through a local production of Vitamalt in both Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania. Royal Unibrew exports to 23 countries on the African continent and has a central office for our activities located in Ghana, Vest-Africa.

General market description
Malt drinks were introduced to the African continent some 40 years ago as a health tonic high on vitamins and minerals. Initially, malt drinks were sold in pharmacies among others. Today malt drinks are extremely popular within all age segments and are widely distributed and sold in competition with leading global soft drinks.

The African continent is the worlds largest malt drink market. Malt drinks are in particular popular in the West-African countries in which Danish breweries introduced the product in the 1960's. Malt drinks have lately been introduced in the Central and Eastern parts of Africa. Today the beverage is sold or produced in 27 African countries covering more than 30 brands. Nigeria is with an estimated 125 million inhabitants by far the largest market for malt drinks.

Besides Vitamalt, Royal Unibrew also has a strong position in the African import segment with well-known brands such as Power Malt and Faxe 10% (beer). Royal Unibrew is continuosly focused on further development of our position in Africa.

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