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DANISH BEER has changed drinking habits

In Italy, one of the world's largest and most traditional wine countries, beer from Royal Unibrew has contributed strongly to differentiating the Italians' drinking habits. Strong beer from Ceres has gone from strength to strength at Italian public houses for a large number of years. Ceres is the leading import beer brand in the “boot country” and has a brand value equal to that of Coca-Cola, Benetton and Ferrari.

Today, products like Ceres Strong Ale, Ceres Top and most recently Ceres Old Nine are well-known in both the HoReCa sector and the retail sector. In HoReCa we operate with distribution coverage of approx 75% of the estimated 175,000 outlets in Italy.  

Royal Unibrew's Italian sales company, CERES SPA, domiciled in Genoa, markets our beer products. Considerable resources are spent on supporting our brands through TV commercials, outdoor posters and a broad range of initiatives involving consumers, in bars and in supermarkets.

General market conditions
Italy has relatively low beer consumption per capita compared with markets in Europe which are further to the North and in colder climatic zones than Italy. Beer consumption are stabil arround approx. 31 litres per capita.

The market is dominated by two major suppliers, Heineken and an Italian brewery, which together hold some two thirds of the market. The import share is approx. one third comprising in particular strong and special beer types for the Italian prestige beer market. The market for beer in returnable bottles is below 2% - the rest is in disposable containers.


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