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Germany and Border Trade

Royal Unibrew exports a number of products to Germany and supplies Off-Trade customers who deliver to the Border Trade as well as Off-Trade customers in the German market in general.
In the Border Trade Royal Unibrew primarily sells the beers Royal, Thor and Slots and the soft drinks Egekilde and Faxe Kondi.
The German Off-Trade customers are primarily serviced with Faxe.



General market conditions

Germany is the largest beer market in Europe and until at few years ago it was the country with the highest per capita consumption of beer in the world.

Pils is the dominant segment in Germany with a market share of some 70%. In addition, there are a number of special German beer types such as Weizen, Alt and Kölsch.

Import beer only accounts for 6% of the total beer consumption in Germany. This is due to, among other factors, the many local breweries that create a strong locally based consumer preference. The import share remains more or less constant in spite of several of the major international breweries that previously sold their products through exports now producing under licence in Germany. The stability is partly due to increased demand for trend beer, partly to the opening of new concept pubs and restaurants.

German beer sale is dominated by the retail sector which handles approx. 80% of the consumption. In the retail segment, volumes of discount beer and private label are stable, on a high level.




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