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CIDO Grupa was founded in 1994 (then CIDO Pārtikas Grupa). In 2004 it was taken over by Royal Unibrew. In year 2006 CIDO Pārtikas Grupa was joined with the affiliate CIDO Logistika, and the company’s name was changed to CIDO Grupa. At the end of 2008 Lāčplēša alus and Līvu alus were incorporated in CIDO Grupa. Now Cido Grupa consists of the Cido juice, soft drink and mineral water production in Riga and the Lāčplēša brewery in Liepāja.




CIDO has five key products: juice, mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated soft drinks and cider. The CIDO brand is one of Latvia's most well-known brands, and the combined share in the retailsegment of the Latvian juice and non-carbonated soft drink market is app. 40%. This makes CIDO the largest supplier of soft drinks in Latvia.   



 CIDO also has important market share in Lithuania, such as app. 20% of the 100% juice segment.



This strong position, combined with CIDO's sales and distribution system, has given Royal Unibrew, especially the Group's Lithuanian brewery Kalnapilio-Tauro grupé, the opportunity to expand it’s beverage activities further in the region.



Initially CIDO Pārtikas Grupa employed approximately 100 employees. Now CIDO has approximately 400 people.












Ostas Iela
1034 Riga

Phone: +371 702 3401

Contact: Marijus Valdas Kirstukas


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