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In year 2005 Lāčplēša alus was acquired by Royal Unibrew and becomes affiliated enterprise of Cido Pārtikas Grupa.
Lāčplēša brewery dates back to 1948 and was founded by the legendary kolkhoz Lāčplēsis in Lielvārde. At first the beer was mainly brewed for own-consumption, but during the years Lāčplēsis dark beer gained popularity throughout Latvia. In the 1970s and the 1980s one had to wait in a long queue to buy a Lāčplēsis beer keg for the midsummer’s celebrations.
The demand for Lāčplēsis beer was growing and thereby a need for an increased production capacity accrued. Thus, in January 2008 Lāčplēša alus acquired Līvu brewery in Liepāja. After a few months, and significant investments in the new brewery, the production of Lāčplēsis beer was moved to the new brewery in Liepāja. More than 3 millions Euros was invested in the new brewery in Liepāja in 2008 to provide sufficient production capacity for both, Lāčplēsis and Līvu brands.


Lacplesa and Livu Alus

Ganību str. 9/11
Liepāja, Latvia
LV- 3401
Tel. +371 702 3401

Contact: Marijus Valdas Kirstukas

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