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It is important to us that all our breweries have high international standards. Royal Unibrew was the first brewing company in the Nordic countries which achieved environmental certification. 
Environmental management
Environmental management is one of the key tools in working with continuous optimization of environmental issues and impact reduction. Environmental management includes evaluating:

  • Investments
  • Safety and work environment
  • Chemicals applied
  • Suppliers and business partners
  • Indirect environmental impacts



Royal Unibrews environmental statements for 2012 can be read on the Danish environmental Protection Agency's homepage. Click here... (unfortunately only in Danish)

Environmental vision


In Royal Unibrew we aim to produce with care. The focus areas for our environmental efforts are optimizing, recycling and reduction. We are a company in growth and in all regards we are working towards reducing the resources spent and the impact on the environment as well as the impact on the work environment.


Daily contact on Quality and Environment

Karsten Panting Laurents, QA Manager

Tlf. +45 5677 1500

Mobil: +45 2923 0053

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