Our strategy

Royal Unibrew is a multi-beverage business with a strategic focus on a decentralized organizational framework that prioritizes agile decision-making, customized to meet the preferences of local consumers and customers.

Our strategy is built on the ambition of being THE PREFERRED CHOICE of local beverage partner that challenges the status quo by doing better every day in a fun, agile and sustainable way. To fulfil this ambition, we are building strong local businesses based with broad portfolios of high quality beverages and strong route-to-market operations securing broad-based market leading positions.

Our strong local portfolios are complimented by well-known international brands provided by partners such as PepsiCo, Heineken, Diageo, etc.

Every customer in each of our sales channels is important for our business, as our customers are our main route to market. We strive to remain relevant to our customers by offering exceptional and comprehensive portfolios in local markets.

We operate in both the non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage segment in where we want to provide choices. We have no/low sugar alternatives in the non-alcoholic segment and no/low alcohol alternatives in the alcoholic segment to make sure that we have products catering for diverse consumption occasions.

Our product portfolio spans across all relevant categories where our products can be kept at ambient temperature, as it provides scale benefits in our value chain. It enables us to achieve higher utilization of fixed assets, higher efficiency in sales and logistics and, in general, higher productivity per employee.

In markets where we do not have a multi-beverage presence, we want to build and develop strong niche positions.

Our broad local brand portfolios of own brands and well-known international partner brands, together with our distribution power and our highly efficient value chain constitute key components of our profitability. High profitability is vital for a high return on invested capital and thereby important for our ability to pursue value creating growth opportunities.

As a strong regional multi-beverage company, it is in our DNA to engage not only in the local societies surrounding our premises, sports clubs, cultural activities, employees’ families, but also in our brand communities in collaboration with our customers, other business partners and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


Purpose and ambition


We want to be THE PREFERRED CHOICE of local beverage partner that challenges the status quo by doing better every day in a fun, agile and sustainable way



Bringing people together and facilitating great moments and enjoyment is the heart of our business. We offer strong local beverage brands in combination with global brands – continuously striving to match consumers’ changing preferences through meaningful innovations and by offering a broad range of refreshments that deliver choice.


We partner with our customers and strive to grow together by offering a portfolio of relevant brands and having a challenger mindset. With our local, decentralized setup we focus on agility and close collaboration – aiming to provide best-in-class service as well as pursuing extraordinary brand execution in all channels.


We recruit, develop and retain entrepreneurial and empowered people thirsting for success and striving to do better every day. Our people drive our success and progress – and live and protect our values. We work as one team and find solutions to all challenges.


It is our main focus to create sustainable shareholder value by investing behind the categories and channels that grow the most, pushing premiumization and driving organic EBIT growth. We will do value accretive bolt-on, as well as strategic acquisitions if possible. We aim to increase distribution to shareholders over time through dividend and share buy-backs.


We are deeply rooted in the communities where we work, and we partner with all our stakeholders to make a positive impact on society. Our focus is to build a long-term sustainable business and to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations from raw materials to the end consumption.

Purpose and ambition


To support our purpose and ambition of being THE PREFERRED CHOICE, we have developed a framework of expectations for our employees in line with our culture and values. Our Expectations constitute the foundation for leading our business

Succeeding through…


We support our employees in taking the time to zoom out and reflect on the long-term value and opportunities for our company to ensure that we focus on what really makes a difference in the long run. Zooming out involves the ability to adjust to new market trends, consumer behaviour changes or other external factors in the environment surrounding our company.


Agile behavior and fast execution have always been the hallmarks of Royal Unibrew employees. Short-term focus in combination with the right empowerment of our people makes certain that we keep our agility and deliver excellent operational execution. Closeness to our business secures a faster response to changes in the market and customer preferences.


We strive to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging  our employees to change the game instead of just playing the game. We want to foster a winning culture where high ambitions and daring decisions are allowed to thrive while at the same time respecting each other.


We want our people to be role models by demonstrating proper behaviour in line with our values and expectations. Compliance with legal and other requirements is instrumental for our license to operate why we expect the highest level of business ethics from all our colleagues. Role modeling is not limited to leaders, every employee has the potential to act as a compelling role model within our company.


Collaboration is a cornerstone in our workplace culture. We all work hard every day to come up with the right solutions for our stakeholders. This underlines the importance of setting up our teams for success, and choosing the right people for the right roles. It is deeply rooted in our work place culture that everyone contributes to our collective success and that nobody is above the team.