We want to be the preferred choice of local beverage partner that challenge the status quo by doing better every day in a fun, agile and sustainable way.



  • Our consumers
    Bringing people together and facilitating great moments and enjoyment is the heart of our business. We offer strong local beverage brands in combination with global brands – continuously striving to match consumers’ changing preferences through meaningful innovations and by offering a broad range of refreshments that deliver choice.
  • Our customers
    We partner with our customers and strive to grow together by offering a portfolio of relevant brands and having a challenger mindset. With our local, decentralized setup we focus on agility and close collaboration – aiming to provide best-in-class service as well as pursuing extraordinary brand execution in all channels.
  • Our people
    We recruit, develop and retain entrepreneurial and empowered people thirsting for success and striving to do better every day. Our people drive our success and progress – and live and protect our values. We work as one team and find solutions to all challenges.
  • Our shareholders
    Our main focus is to invest behind the categories and channels that grow the most, pushing premiumization and driving organic EBIT growth. On top of this, we will do value accretive bolt-on, as well as strategic acquisitions if possible. We aim to increase distribution to shareholders over time through dividend and share buy-backs.
  • The future
    We are deeply rooted in the communities where we work, and we partner with all our stakeholders to make a positive impact on society. Our focus is to build a long-term sustainable business and to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations from raw materials to the end consumption.


Our strategy

We want to be THE PREFERRED CHOICE of local beverages. The preferred partner that challenges the status quo by doing better every day in a fun, agile and sustainable way. Our overall strategy is to be a strong regional multi-beverage provider with strong market positions in which we operate. In markets, where we do not have a multi-beverage presence, we want to build and develop strong niche positions.

With a strong brand portfolio of own brands and partner brands, we want to create and maintain strong market positions within beverage categories. Structural growth opportunities, be it acquisitions or partnerships, will be exploited to the extent that they fit strategically and strengthen our current market positions.

We want to build a sustainable business based on strong brands that meet consumers’ demands. We want to secure that by having a broad portfolio characterized by choice, quality and innovation in relevant categories.

We have a mindset of building sustainable business and grow with our customers. This mindset is a cornerstone in our culture, and we work hard every day to help getting our customers well positioned in their marketplaces.

To become THE PREFERRED CHOICE of local beverages, we need talented, diverse and engaged people. We want to create a performance based winning culture with the proudest employees in the industry.

We want to continuously develop our business with an aim to outperform our peers when it comes to profit growth and value creation and doing so with an attractive and efficient capital allocation.

We want to be among the most sustainable beverage companies and minimize our environmental footprint. We take responsibility for the entire value chain and focus on circular economy and zero carbon emissions. We strive to maintain our locally based business model being well connected with the local societies where we operate. We want to make a positive impact on society, giving back to all our stakeholders and thereby reinvest in and build our business over time.