Development in 2018

For Denmark and Germany, it is estimated that the underlying Danish consumption of branded beer and soft drinks remained unchanged in 2018 adjusting for the positive effect in the peak season due to the extraordinarily good summer weather in 2018 – which had a very positive impact on all categories, particularly on the non-alcoholic segment.
Royal Unibrew’s volumes showed a 5% increase for 2018. It is estimated that Royal Unibrew increased its market shares across categories, due to, among other factors, focus on value creation by matching consumer demands for more specialised, organic and healthy products. PepsiCo snack products sales developed as planned, contributing an additional 1% net revenue increase.

In 2018, Royal Unibrew carried out a wide range of commercial activities in Denmark both on the product side and the event side. These activities played an important role in presenting and positioning a broader portfolio of beverages. In 2018, Royal Unibrew opened its first brewpub, Anarkist Beer & Food Lab, which is a part of the micro-brewery in Odense, Denmark. The brewery and the brewpub are essential for our development and marketing of craft and specialty beers. As health and wellness play an increasingly more important role we continue to develop the organic and low/non-alcoholic portfolio. During the year, we added the Royal Organic 2.3% Let Pilsner to the organic Royal portfolio, and Pepsi Max Lime was successfully introduced into the market in the non-sugar soft drink category. Furthermore, Royal Unibrew announced a strategic alliance with Nohrlund, through an acquisition of 50,5% of the company, with focus on selling organic cocktails. As previous years, Royal Unibrew took part in a large number of events, including the Skanderborg festival, Tivoli concerts and events in the Royal Arena – creating great attention to Royal Unibrew products.



2018 2017 2018 2017
Q1-Q4 Q1-Q4 % changes Q4 Q4 % changes
Volume (thousand hectoliters) 3,596 3,441 5 857 822 4
Net revenue, beverages (mDKK) 2,381 2,162 10 562 518 9
Net revenue (mDKK)) 2,490 2,253 11 594 545 9



Royal Unibrew is the second largest provider of beer and soft drinks to Danish consumers; furthermore, Faxe beer is sold to the German consumers.
We offer a combination of strong local, national and international beer brands. Royal Beer, Schiøtz, Lottrup, Kissmeyer, Anarkist and the international license brand Heineken are offered to all Danish consumers, whereas our other brands, such as Albani, Ceres and Thor, are primarily offered in areas with strong local connection/heritage.

Within soft drinks, we offer our own brands as well as license-based brands of PepsiCo. Our own brands comprise Faxe Kondi, which is the leading brand in the lemon/lime segment, and Nikoline. The portfolio includes Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7UP, Mountain Dew and Mirinda. Within spring water and natural mineral water, Egekilde is a leading Danish brand, which is offered in a number of taste varieties, still as well as sparkling. Moreover, we offer the Faxe Kondi Booster energy drink as well as a number of cider, ready-to-drink and shots products under the Tempt brand.

Our beverage offer is supplemented by a selection of strong PepsiCo snack brands – and products.

Royal Unibrew has two production facilities in Denmark – one in Faxe and one in Odense, which also include the Anarkist Beer and Food Lab and Craft brewery.

Both Off-Trade and On-Trade channel customers are served with an industry Best in Class direct delivery operation.