Our people

We will lead a sustainable business including fostering a sustainability culture promoting a safe and healthy working environment where employees feel proud, included, and have equal opportunities to realize their potential. We will develop tomorrow’s talents while building competences that ensures our success today and tomorrow.

We will reach our targets by:

  • Ensuring employees feel proud and to be an attractive employer

  • Developing sustainable leadership fostering diversity, equality, inclusion and developing tomorrow’s talents

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment


We want people to feel proud of working at Royal Unibrew and feel proud of their individual contribution. We believe that proud employees create better results and promotes us as an attractive employer

We believe a key to take proudness to an even higher level is through sustainable leadership. When we invest in sustainable leadership capabilities, we will not only stimulate more proudness but also obtain a relentless focus on developing talents as well as building today’s and tomorrow’s competences to secure our future success. Additionally, sustainable leadership nurtures a culture of innovation through an inclusive and diverse working environment and promotes a learning culture where everybody has equal opportunities develop their potential. Sustainable leaders recruit, develop and retain entrepreneurial and empowered talents thirsting for success and striving to do better every day. Finally, sustainable leaders ensure that the workplace culture matches the expectations and needs of multiple generations of employees through creating purpose and meaning to the task at hand while upholding our high engagement levels.

Our people drive our success and progress – and live and protect our values. We work as one team and our people are flexible while finding solutions to all challenges. Royal Unibrew wants to honor our people by offering flexible working options that provides opportunities to adapt their job to their personal life circumstances. With job crafting we will additionally provide the opportunity to raise empowerment and provide individuals to unfold their potential. With COVID-19 virtual working practice have become the new normal. We will continue utilising digital tools to drive more flexible modes of working, thereby also promoting a future environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace.

During 2020, several areas were re-organized to meet new challenges, and in general, employees across functions and business units showed an enormous flexibility and agility in meeting the unprecedented challenges related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Developing our ability to lead remotely and building resilience as a response to the COVID uncertainties was in focus the entire year.

In Finland, Italy, and France an engagement survey was conducted in December 2020. The results demonstrated an even higher engagement than the previous one. The results from the latest Group engagement survey from late 2019 showed that 80% of the employees are proud of working at Royal Unibrew. Additionally, 89% responded that they feel they have a meaningful work, whereas the influence on own job parameter was lower at 69%. We have been working with various initiatives to improve the engagement across business units and functions in 2020.

In 2020, we initiated an improvement of our human capital management practices in our major markets ranging from recruiting, onboarding, performance, compensation, learning, succession, and development. To emphasis the importance of the people strategy Human Resources is now a part of the Senior Leadership Team.

Key initiatives:

  • Develop sustainable leadership capabilities
  • Offering flexible working options and job crafting
  • Employee involvement in local communities

The new recruits in Hartwall

We recruited the second group of graduates in 2020. In short, the idea is to recruit young potentials every year who enter a two-year trainee program. They are offered a “real” role in the business which changes after the first year and furthermore, their developed is supported by a number of activities in addition to their specific role. After two years, they get a permanent position in the organization. This is an example of how we work to attract young talents and at the same time support social responsibility.

Diversity, equality and inclusion is a fundamental part of sustainability. We want a diverse, equal and inclusive company providing resilience and driving innovation.

We want our organization to reflect the diversity of today’s society and we believe that a more diverse, equal and inclusive workforce creates the best and most dynamic workplace climate, as well as it supports innovation and long-term value creation for all our stakeholders.

Continuous efforts are made to ensure workplace diversity and inclusion. Traditionally, the beverage industry is relatively male-dominated, but Royal Unibrew strives on an ongoing basis to ensure a more equal gender representation. We measure gender diversity in international management teams and at the Board of Directors. The number of women at the Board of Directors is 2 out of 6 members elected by the shareholders. In our international management teams, we improve gender diversity year after year.

Our target is a more balanced gender representation of at least 40% of each gender by 2024 and the same applies to the Board of Directors. When recruiting new executives and managers, we prioritize identifying without discrimination and aim to encourage female candidates’ interest in taking on managerial tasks. Several other initiatives were carried out, such as approval of our policy and objectives on diversity and inclusion by the Board of Directors and an improvement project on employee master data to improve the foundation for our D&I priorities. Diving into the gender diversity and inclusion performance as an effect of our initiatives, there is a very positive trend in our management teams at our different markets, where we for the past two consecutive years are above the 40% target, at 43% on average in 2020 of the underrepresented gender, i.e. women, compared to our international management teams average of 33% in 2020, which has also improved year on year.

We also work on promoting other diversity aspects for example by including people that for various reasons struggle to maintain or get a foothold on the job market. In the coming years we will focus on two initiatives: the first is to analyze where diversity is specifically challenging seen from a business critical angle being gender, competences, age, seniority, ethnicity, etc., supported by data, and the second is to work on maintaining an inclusive culture.


Key initiatives:

  • Ensure/enable a culture of equality and inclusion valuing diversity
  • Become a driver of equality and inclusion in the local communities

Safety is a prerequisite for taking care of employees and ensuring that they can be something for other people outside of work. To be successful in our safety efforts this needs to be a mindset and something our employees live by every day.

A good working environment is a safe working environment, and that is a top priority for Royal Unibrew. We focus on minimizing risks and raising awareness about health and safety for all our employees and take preventive measures to avoid employees being worn out and incurring work-related injuries – and we recognize that one accident is one to many.

When deploying our sustainability strategy, we will enhance our efforts to support behavioral based safety and employee well-being (where harassment is a focus area) we see that as fundamental for maintaining and further developing our safety mindset and culture. With the aim to move towards zero lost time incidents, all employees will be trained in behavior- based safety, including increasing the transparency of root cause assessments to improve learning, as well as linking safety to bonus targets.

Local focus and initiatives have resulted in a continued reduction in Lost Time Incidents per 1 million working hours (LTI frequency) by 30% from 2015 to 2018 and has leveled out between 2018 and 2019. The LTI frequency unfortunately increased between 2019 and 2020 from 10.8 to 13.7. The target of 20% reduction in 2020 compared to 2018 was therefore not met. Root cause assessments indicate that behavior is the main reason for incidents. We believe the increase may at least in part, be explained by the job rotation between ontrade and off-trade as a result of COVID-19, where employees from other functions assisted in off-trade and the unusual sales situation may have stressed the organization as well. Working overtime more than usual may be an additional factor. We will enhance our behavioral-based safety training and awareness in 2021 across the Group to reduce the LTI frequency.

Key initiatives:

  • Create a harassment free working environment
  • Ensure employee wellbeing
  • Further develop our safety culture

Harassment free working environment

In connection with our on-going dialogue in the production area, we have identified a need for addressing and increasing awareness of potentially abusive acts and harassment to improve well-being. Royal Unibrew has zero tolerance, and we have just launched a new initiative governed by our well-being groups to facilitate our journey towards zero. The objective is to create an environment, where everyone not only has the right to speak up but also feel comfortable, when they point at a lack of consideration from a colleague, including managers.


“Further development of the safety culture by using humor is the philosophy behind our “Safety Thirst” campaign developed together with employees from various business functions. The campaign is currently being rolled out.”