Local community development (competence development)



It is Royal Unibrew’s goal to attract and retain competent and talented people who are results-oriented, adaptable, innovative, creative and have the right mindset/DNA. This is a prerequisite for realising our ambitious business objectives. We are therefore investing in our employees – both by way of learning and upgrading of skills, but also by offering them influence on their jobs and by listening to their ideas and wishes for the future.


In 2016, efforts were directed at raising the level of the individual employee’s competences and at strengthening our managers’ ability to drive changes and to support their employees’ development. Our employees were offered a number of courses that give the individual concrete tools to handle a more complex and changeable workday; managers strengthened their competences within project management, among other things.

At the same time, focus was directed at strengthening newly appointed managers’ management skills and ensuring their integration and network in the organisation through general management training.


Royal Unibrew operates in a highly competitive market, and inability to attract and develop the right people to launch and promote new products at an ever-increasing pace constitutes a risk to the continued success of the Company. Royal Unibrew’s competitiveness also depends on close cooperation between the individual business areas in order to ensure a strong value chain and avoid a silo mentality.


Employees and managers are currently offered learning and competence development enabling them to handle a still more demanding and changing work situation.

Royal Unibrew is able to attract the most talented people by meeting their need for competence development and co-­influence on their own jobs and careers.


Through a number of course offerings, our employees have been given concrete tools to handle challenges and change.

Our managers have become better equipped to drive changes and to help their employees navigate these changes.