Consumer affairs


In countries where Royal Unibrew holds significant market positions and where beverage associations are well functioning we are active members in those. Among others, we support The Brewers of Europe’s views and initiatives concerning responsible alcohol consumption and complies with the rules on responsible marketing and consumption of beverages. We are very aware of the risk, internally and with our customers, of our alcoholic and/or calorie rich products being abused or over-consumed.

Royal Unibrew wants to offer a wide range of products including no sugar/low sugar and no/low alcohol content alternatives.


Royal Unibrew contributed actively towards responsible marketing and consumption of beverages in 2018.

In 2018, Royal Unibrew continued its existing practice of subjecting marketing material to the approval of the Company’s in-house counsel and of including requirements for compliance with marketing rules in all agreements with external partners such as distributors and advertising agencies. Moreover, employees engaged in the marketing of the Group’s products were trained in existing marketing legislation in 2018.

Royal Unibrew continued in 2018 to assume responsibility for preventing abuse problems among its employees and, through sponsorships, supports a large variety of sports and health initiatives nationally, regionally as well as locally. In 2018, we launched many new products with a low alcohol content like Royal Organic 2,3%, Heineken 0,0% as well as low alco craft beer. Within the soft drink space we launched many new products with lower calorie content or no calories like for Hartwall Jaffa. Our sold calories per liter to the Danish consumers have e.g. declined 13% during the last 10 years.



Any non-compliance with the legislation governing the marketing of its products continuously exposes Royal Unibrew to criticism from regulatory authorities, adverse press coverage, fines, etc.


It is Royal Unibrew’s objective to avoid any violation of marketing legislation.

We will monitor average calorie per liter and secure an ongoing decline without suffering on the taste promise.


No violations of marketing legislation were noted in 2018.