Operational leverage is key

To meet evolving consumer needs and support our customers’ value creation while at the same time building a sustainable and profitable business, we need to make continuous efficiency improvements across our company. This includes our production, sales and logistics as well as our administrative processes.

In recent years we have succeeded in increasing efficiency markedly across the value chain – paving the way for the continuous increase in our earnings despite the more and more complex beverage portfolio. In addition, it has contributed to building a platform for successful integration of new activities and businesses.

In our production we are focusing on technologies and solutions that either improve productivity performance, reduce the environmental impact, including the CO2 footprint or create new opportunities for offering new products – or a combination of these. New innovative technologies also contribute to optimizing our marketing and sales channels and allow us to distribute our products more efficiently.

New CRM and e-contract solution is paying off

The introduction of new modern CRM and e-contract solutions has provided us with better tools to partner up with our customers and to develop business activities – and in 2019, we experienced the benefits. Customer meetings have become more professional and our customer-interface in all aspects has become more individualized and tailored towards the needs of individual clients, which drives our overall intend to be their beverage-partner and advisor to let their business be successful.

Onboarding of new customers has also been optimized with the new CRM solution, ensuring ”first time right” during the cost intensive process. The outcome is a significant reduction of costs and time spent – and a much better customer experience.

Furthermore, we have achieved a better overview of our contracts, there is a higher degree of standardization and the renegotiation of contracts has become much more efficient and takes place in time, based on data and facts.

“New innovative technologies contributed to optimizing our marketing and sales channels ”

Investments drive production efficiency & sustainability

In 2019, we made a range of efficiency improvements in our production, among others:

  • In Faxe, Denmark, we experienced the full effect of the new beer filter technology introduced in 2018, which reduces the energy and water consumption resulting in a better collection of carbonic acid, which is re-used for soft drinks and beer
  • At the Albani brewery in Odense, Denmark, we invested in a new bottle filling line – providing better quality, flexibility and a higher capacity
  • At Fonti di Crodo in Italy we installed a new can filling line and a new mixer for soft drinks
  • At Lorina in France we got a new packaging machine for the bottle filling line and we invested in an upgrade of the wastewater treatment system