Passionate craft beer cooperation


Consumers are and remain the strongest focus area in our efforts to reinforce our market position.  Another strong focal point is innovation through unique partnerships.


In 2016, Royal Unibrew directed targeted efforts at strengthening a large number of partnerships aimed at finding symbioses and shared passion towards a common goal. A fruitful and giving working relationship may be based on much more than financial interests.


We have taken inspiration from customers and business partners, thus developing alliances on a number of new initiatives.


Within the craft beer category, Royal Unibrew has developed fantastic working relationships with several small breweries and passionate beer people, who have become more or less in-house suppliers. Friendships have been developed, not just based on financial aspects but for the benefit and inspiration of both parties.


A fine example is the working relationship with Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri which hand brews refreshing and delicious old-school beer for gentlefolk, beer lovers and bon vivants.