Meet mister Kissmeyer


Anders Kissmeyer belongs to the international elite of master brewers. He draws on a strong background from his many years working as a brew master with Carlsberg and Nørrebro Bryghus.  In 2012, he was appointed “Best Active Brewmaster” on a global scale. Leading beer commentators refer to him as the third most influential brewer in Danish brewery history.


Shaun Hill from Hill Farmstead, rated the world’s best brewer by RateBeer four times in the past five years, says:


”… Anders was a mentor to me. Together, we often explore and discuss the curiosities of beer and brewing. We both believe that there are no absolute truths in brewing – yet both adhere to trying to define a beer that is “of the place” and has a soul. He has dedicated his life to beer and has endured an ever changing landscape with creative fervour … forging his own identity, and remaining relevant in an ocean of breweries and brands.”


Kissmeyer is a guiding star in the craft beer universe – and Royal Unibrew is proud to be cooperating closely with a brew master of international calibre who is so passionate.


The quality and experience of a really good craft beer can vary. The market may be difficult to navigate as a consumer and beer drinker. A number of craft beer brew masters are surprising with bubbling creativity, and it is always fun and exciting to try new things. But as in other industries, there will always be experts who rise significantly above the average.


The true masters represent knowledge and insight which, combined with the ability to think innovatively and the courage to go down unknown paths when testing new techniques and beer types, guarantee a result that is always sublime. Kissmeyer is one of these masters.


Said by Kissmeyer:


“There are no absolute truths in brewing. When creating a new beer, I always aim to bring

something new.”