Rapidly changing consumer trends

We live in times characterized by change and volatility, yet we can be certain of one thing: Consumer values, needs, and behaviors will continue to evolve.

Today consumption is based on values and beliefs and consumers expect their values to be embedded in the products – whether it is about healthier products, sustainability or any other personal interest.

Given the rapid pace of change it is vital for our future success that our business is agile and adaptable – and that we find new ways to respond to consumer trends.

Entering into 2020, we see three key consumer trends influencing our business and strategic focus:

Health driven behavior

The consequent “less is more” attitude changes consumers awareness and attitude – implying for example, an intensified focus on the content of sugar and alcohol. Therefore, we have leveraged some of our strong local and international brands and introduced new taste experiences with 0.0% beer concepts such as Royal 0.0% as well as non-sugar soft drink products.

Authenticity and increased connection to the local community

There is an increasing demand for more individual and authentic brands. Consumers want products to which they can relate, and preferably products that have a story and local roots. The strong interest in craft and specialty beer, local beer brands with a long history as well as other non-alcoholic craft products, as for example lemonade, are good examples of this trend.

Good for us and our world

Consumers are more and more concerned about the environmental challenges. Thus, consumers demand more sustainable ingredients, more transparent and sustainable production methods and more sustainable packaging concepts etc. The success for and interest in e.g. organic products such as Royal Organic Beer and Nohrlund organic cocktails in Denmark and Lorina Organic Lemonade in the USA are illustrative for the changes in consumer behavior.

“Intensified focus
on the content of
sugar and alcohol”

Low- or non-sugar

The low/non-sugar category is benefiting from consumer trends towards health consciousness. We offer a growing portfolio in the category such as Hartwall Jaffa Sokeriton, Faxe Kondi 0 calories, LemonSoda Zero and Pepsi Max. Over recent years, the share of low- and non-sugar products in our soft drink portfolio has increased markedly.

Demand for larger variety

Consumers constantly expect something new – preferably something authentic, sustainable and of high quality. Craft and specialty products fit this trend very well and over the past years we have built an attractive and innovative portfolio in these categories. Across our markets, we offer a range of well-known craft and specialty brands – both beers, cocktails, lemonade and soft drinks.