Digital transformation is pivotal for business development

We consider digital technology an important driving force behind continuous improvement. And it is not only about technology, but rather about creating new opportunities for our customers and Royal Unibrew – by strengthening customer relations and engagement, creating better customer experiences, fueling innovation and optimizing our supply chain management. In addition, new digital solutions reduce operational costs by increasing efficiency.

In recent years, we have intensified our digitalization efforts and we have implemented a range of new modern systems providing us with better tools to partner up with our customers and to develop business activities, including roll-out of the ERP system, SAP across our markets, a new CRM and e-contract system, a new e-commerce platform and a new web shop for craft products.

Craft Makers Collective well received

Digitalization is a vital component of our endeavors to establish closeness to consumers. In the Autumn of 2018, we launched the web shop Craft Makers Collective – a cooperation of passionate craft makers in Denmark and abroad offering interesting, high-quality products – which was well received by consumers. In the web shop we aim to guide, inform and inspire consumers, and through the direct contact to consumers, we get fast response and useful insight into consumers’ preferences – and we improve our ability to continue providing relevant high-end products to both buyers in the web shop and our consumers in general. The next step for Craft Makers Collective is to develop and optimize the web platform and to expand the inspiration universe. We also plan to introduce the platform to other markets.

E-commerce adds value to customers

During 2019, our Finnish B2B e-commerce platform was further improved and rebranded. We have taken important steps to provide an excellent e-commerce experience for both our current and potential customers – and to provide customers a smooth and fast way to order products, manage their inventory and get inspirational insights. As part of the web store – and with the aim to increase customer value – customers are informed about product launches, promotions, campaigns, seasonal recommendations and other trends related to the beverage industry. The feedback from our customers has been very positive and after the launch in June 2019 and during the following high season, the number of visitors and buyers increased markedly as well as the average order size increased. In early 2020, a new e-commerce platform will go live in Denmark and after that other markets will follow.