Royal Unibrew and Consumers


Situational consumption

Royal Unibrew wants to reach out to consumers in a multi-faceted reality with products that match the moment. That requires insight into and understanding of situational consumption.

Trends are a monster with many heads; as in the case of innovation, it takes courage to find new ways or to leave be. The modern consumer does not have a stringent, predictable behaviour that can be mapped – but belongs to the race of situational consumers.

Consequently, today’s consumers take a different approach to products depending on the situation that they are in. It might be a special event or the company that they are in which decides which beverages they choose.

As a result of such consumer behaviour, the same consumer is often found in several segment groups at the same time.

Royal Unibrew meets consumers in many different situations other than when they are shopping for their home consumption at the store; for example in connection with an informal get-together or a party at a restaurant, in connection with sports, at street parties, at concerts and at music festivals.


Stronger ties and passionate cooperation with consumers and business partners

Consumers are and remain the strongest focus area in our efforts to reinforce our market position.  Another strong focal point is innovation through unique partnerships with customers and suppliers.

In 2016, Royal Unibrew directed targeted efforts at strengthening a large number of partnerships aimed at finding symbioses and shared passion towards a common goal. A fruitful and giving cooperation may be based on much more than financial interests.

We have taken inspiration from customers and business partners, thus developing alliances on a number of new initiatives.

Royal Unibrew has developed fantastic cooperation with several small breweries and passionate beer people to develop products that meet current consumer needs, eg organic beer and craft beer.

Together with our customers, we have developed new concepts for selling and displaying our products in stores and at events such as concerts and festivals.