Acquisitions strengthen our business platform

During 2018 and 2019, we have acquired a number of new businesses and brands – which bring new attractive and iconic brands to our consumers and customers and strengthen our future growth and earnings potential. The integration of the acquired activities is progressing well with focus on streamlining, vitalizing of new brands and obtaining commercial synergies.

Fonti di Crodo – acceleration of value creation

Prime focus during 2019 has been a continuation of the 2018 agenda: Driving brand value for the consumers and value for our customers. Fonti di Crodo delivered solid results in the Italian market and was the brand with the largest value gain during the year. In 2019, the Crodo LemonSoda products were also launched in a number of new markets – with promising feed-back.

Lorina – preparing for controlled growth

2019 was in many ways a transition year for Lorina – a large investment program initiated by the previous owner was completed, the number of variants was reduced, and innovation was organized to support the 2020 plans and ambitions. In France, the sale and market share of the core artisanal clear lemonade increased in a year with tough competition and the US lemonade business continued its expansion, moving the portfolio towards the Lorina brand.

Nohrlund – launching new product lines

The past year has been very hectic for the Nohrlund start-up company. The introduction of premade cocktails at Royal Unibrew events in Denmark has been a great success delivering superb consumer experience and creating value for our customers. Towards the end of 2019, “Served By Nohrlund” was launched in the Off-Trade with great success. The “Served By Nohrlund” range focuses on well-known cocktails, making home serving easier and with the same great taste every time.

BAG – preparing for accelerated growth

After acquiring the Canadian Bruce Ashley Group (BAG) in August 2019, our view of the opportunities in the Canadian market has been confirmed and both partners and customers have appreciated our ownership of the Bruce Ashley Group. The business has outperformed market growth in our core category, which has already led to a new partnership with a local craft brewer. Building capacity and capability will be core focus areas in 2020 including both new channels and categories.