Royal Unibrew and Innovation

To us, innovation is a variety of things. Obviously, our ultimate goal is to be able to offer consumers the right beverages and live up to their wishes, but there are many more sides to it than that. Not least, it is about cooperating with our customers and business partners and about entering into an active and close dialogue with consumers.

Close cooperation with our customers

Good ideas often emerge in close interaction between people, and in 2017 we launched a number of initiatives in cooperation with our customers.

For example, we cooperated with bars and restaurants to find new ways in which to present our products. One of the results of this cooperation has been the installation of new draught beer dispensers with up to 15 cocks at a number of bars – each dispenser looks exactly the way the bar wants it, and the new type of dispensers allows consumers to try something different and new. Another new initiative is training by beer sommeliers, who, among other things, train bartenders, participate it tasting events, have a presence on the social media and prepare beer menus for restaurant menus in cooperation with chefs.

We also have a presence at many festivals and have made inspirational trips to other countries together with organisers in order to jointly develop festival concepts – making them even more exciting for the music-loving festival audience.
Supermarkets in the individual countries are the centre points of a large part of our product sales, and we are working closely with them to develop concepts and identify consumer wishes. Among other things, we cooperate on defining the supermarket of the future to enable us jointly to adjust to the new trends in the best possible way. Also in this respect, we get inspiration from trends abroad.

Consumer closeness is key

In all of our markets, we have a long tradition for being close to consumers. This is a natural element of the local rooting of a large number of our products. We also have a long tradition for involving consumers in numerous different ways and through different channels – not least through the social media where we are continuously increasing our presence and communicate with our consumers in new ways, at concerts and festivals, at sports events and at tasting events. The close interaction plays an important part in relation to our innovation and new product launches.

Many launches in 2017

In 2017, we launched new exciting products across all of our markets and beverage categories.
Within our leading mineral water brands, we launched new taste varieties of both Novelle (Finland), Mangali (Baltic countries) and Egekilde (Denmark). Moreover, new taste varieties of soft drinks such as Faxe Kondi Sommer, Jaffa Blueberry and Pepsi Max with ginger were launched during the year.

In the beer category, we launched new products and taste varieties – eg three new varieties of the historical beer brand Bergschlösschen in the Baltic countries, Anarkist in Denmark, Lapin Kulta Pure in Finland and Kissmeyer varieties in a number of countries.