Royal Unibrew and consumers

It is crucial for Royal Unibrew to understand what consumers want and to be able to offer products that meet their needs. Actually, we also expect from ourselves that we can surprise and launch products that consumers did not even know they wanted – but which exactly match their needs.

It is not necessarily an easy discipline to read consumers and their needs because these needs change depending on the here-and-now situation and change over time.

Three important trends

Therefore, consumers cannot be put into boxes, but we do see some clear trends across our markets which give us a good indication. Especially three trends are predominant. Consumers focus on authenticity, health and quality, and they focus on experiences.

Authenticity is about genuineness and credibility. Consumers want products to which they can relate, and preferably products that have a story and local roots, and with great care put into ingredients. The strong interest in craft and specialty beer as well as local beer brands brewed at breweries with a long history is a good example of this trend.

Health and quality are also key focus areas. Consumers are increasingly demanding products that can contribute positively to their health. They may be products with a lower sugar content or without sugar, products with a low alcohol content, products with eg extra vitamins or minerals, mineral water or organic products. This trend does not imply that consumers drink less – merely that they are more conscious about what they drink.

Finally, consumers want good experiences. There is a growing trend that we, as consumers, largely measure our life quality in terms of what we experience – and less in terms of physical things. It is therefore important that our products are enjoyed in connection with experiences – and that they make the experience even better. Examples of such experiences are concerts, festivals, sports events tastings and events.