Royal Unibrew is a leading beverage provider in a number of markets – primarily in Northern Europe, Italy and in the international malt beverage markets.

We produce, market, sell and distribute quality beverages with focus on branded products within beer, malt beverages and soft drinks as well as cider and long drinks.

Our main markets are Denmark, Finland, Italy and Germany as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. To these should be added the international markets comprising a number of established markets in the Americas region and major cities in Europe and North America as well as emerging markets in for example Africa.

In our multi-beverage markets, we offer our customers strong and locally based brands. Based on continuous development and innovation, it is our objective to meet customer demand for quality beverages.

In addition to our own brands, we offer licence-based international brands of the PepsiCo and Heineken Groups.



Results for 2016 and Outlook for 2017
Best performance ever in 2016

Developments in 2016

  • Considerably higher earnings despite challenging market conditions
  • Positive development in net revenue and earnings in all segments
  • Market shares generally maintained
  • EBITDA margin and EBIT margin increases
  • ROIC excluding goodwill up from 23% to 28%
  • Expected distribution in 2017 to shareholders of DKK 1 billion (2016: DKK 829 million) comprising
    • dividend of DKK 8.15 per share (2016: DKK 7.20), a total of DKK 440 million
    • new share buy-back programme of DKK 560 million (2016: DKK 450 million)

Outlook for 2017

(mDKK) Outlook for 2017 Previous outlook 2017 Actual 2016
Net revenue 6,250-6,350 6,250-6,450 6,340
EBITDA 1,320-1,370 1,285-1,385 1,306
EBIT 1,030-1,080 980-1,080 1,001