Situational consumption

Royal Unibrew wants to reach out to consumers in a multi-faceted reality with products that match the moment. That requires insight into and understanding of situational consumption. Trends are a monster with many heads; as in the case of innovation, it takes courage to find new ways or to leave be. The modern consumer does not have a stringent, predictable behaviour that can be mapped – but belongs to the race of situational consumers. Consequently, today’s consumers take a different approach to products depending on the situation that they are in. It might be a special event or the company that they are in which decides which beverages they choose.


As a result of such consumer behaviour, the same consumer is often found in several segment groups at the same time. Consumers themselves are not always conscious of these choices. Therefore, the greatest benefit is derived from observing consumer behaviour rather than from asking. And it takes new marketing competences and changed approaches to work constructively with these new insights. The reward is more interesting product universes with greater and more obvious reference to specific consumer behaviour.