Beer and mineral water in new ways

Royal Unibrew is meeting demand for innovative and more sophisticated products by a number of new beer types and mineral water varieties. Our various innovation departments have developed organic beer, gluten-free beer, non-alcoholic beer and beer with lower alcohol content offering new appealing flavours and more health-oriented experiences. On the mineral water side, we are seeing a similar development through work with mineral and vitamin additions and healthier alternatives to sugar and sweeteners. Especially Hartwall, our Finnish brewery, is taking the lead in these areas.

Already, five years have passed since the first organic beer was introduced by our Hartwall brewery in Finland. At the moment, the same brewery is very successful with its low-alcohol beer and the ”Vichy – black label” water product, which is an enriched mineral water. Among other things, the magnesium content makes the Vichy product very suitable to accompany food. The product was launched in connection with the brewery’s 180th anniversary. Hartwall started producing mineral water back in 1836.