Digitalization with our customers is gaining momentum

We consider digitalization an integrated part of our continuous work with efficiency improvement across Royal Unibrew. In a still more complex business environment, it is pivotal to keep working smarter and at the same time increase the quality of our processes. Therefore, for us digitalization is mainly about developing tools to create better experiences for our consumers, to strengthen customer relations, to optimize our supply chain management and to support innovation.

Our work on digitalization progresses well in all parts of our business and we foresee an acceleration in the coming years.

New CRM and e-contract platform

Our digital journey really began to gain momentum in 2017 with the project “Mission No Paper”. The project has included a number of initiatives. We have introduced a.o. a new CRM system and an e-contract system. These systems are already paying off leading to more effective meeting planning, more professional customer meetings, more effective identification and onboarding of new customers and better insight into commercial activities. In addition, all contracts are placed in the CRM system, giving us a better overview, higher degree of standardization and a more efficient follow-up on contracts. All in all, the new modern systems provide us with better tools to partner up with our customers and to develop business activities – to the benefit of both customers, consumers and Royal Unibrew.

Gradually roll-out of e-commerce

To improve our service to customers we are also gradually developing our Business-to-Business e-commerce platform. Initially, the platform was launched in Finland, and will eventually be implemented in other markets. With the e-commerce platform in place we can service our customers simultaneously via our call-centre, our field sales-staff or directly on-line.

Craft Makers Collective – a new webshop

To meet consumers’ demand for inspiration and easy access to interesting, high-quality products we are searching for intelligent ways to offer web-based solutions. One of the latest initiatives is the web shop Craft Makers Collective established by Royal Unibrew and Nordic Spirits in collaboration. However, the Craft Makers Collective is also a cooperation with many passionate craft makers in Denmark and abroad – all offering their products in the web shop with the aim to spread knowledge of craft beverages through inspiring personal stories and carefully selected products. In the web shop we aim to guide, inform and inspire consumers – under the headline “Constantly Staying Relevant”.

The initiative reflects our belief in the value of cooperation among like-minded people and businesses – all working dedicated to bring the best to the consumers.