Consumer trends – searching for the good life

Consumer trends compose a constantly changing varicolored patchwork. We spend many resources trying to read and predict the landscape forming consumer trends – with an aim to create the best possible match between consumer demands and our products.

What do consumers want?

These years, consumers especially focus on authenticity, health & quality and experiences, and they are to an increasing extend searching for the good life. This trend is expressed in a number of different ways. It is fine to drink a beer or a soft drink, but the beverages should be of higher quality. Moderation is also part of this trend, implying that consumers focus more and more on the content of sugar and alcohol. In addition, they focus on ingredients, production methods, including the heritage and history of the products.

At the same time, consumer behavior is characterized by a high degree of situational consumption, implying that consumers prefer to enjoy different products in different situations. Often consumers also prefer to compose their own portfolio of beverages across different brands – and they are constantly influenced by a wide range of media channels.

Beverage portfolio meeting consumer demands

At Royal Unibrew, these trends are continuously turned into specific portfolio and brand development. During recent years, we have for example developed an attractive and innovative portfolio of craft and specialty beer – and this fits very well with consumers’ demand for local products, high quality and something new and sustainable. We have also built a portfolio of organic beers, beers with a low content of alcohol and soft drinks with reduced/no sugar. This matches consumers’ focus on health and moderation.

Our endeavors to meet consumer demands have resulted in a larger, broader and more dynamic portfolio of high-quality beverages.