Closeness to consumers

In all of our markets, we have a long tradition for being close to consumers. We actively strive to be part of social life and good experiences.

The closeness to our consumers is a natural element of the local rooting of a large number of our products – and of our persistent efforts to build a solid platform for our ongoing innovation and product launches.

We involve and touch consumers in numerous different ways and through different channels – at concerts and festivals, at sports events, at tasting events and not least through the social media where we are continuously increasing our presence and communicating with our consumers in new ways. Often, we cooperate with our customers and business partners to create the best possible drinking occasions and experiences for the consumers.

Flow Festival Finland

For a number of years, we have been a part of the Flow Festival, a leading European music and arts boutique festival, taking place in a historic power plant area in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Beyond the music, Flow offers an exceptional array of world spanning cuisine – and beverages. Over the years, we have offered a still broader brand portfolio to the festival guests – matching the changes in composition of the festival and its many guests.

The Anarkist brew pub

In 2018, we opened the Anarkist brew pub, which is a part of the micro-brewery in Odense, Denmark. The pub is a lab for the wonderful and amazing world of beer and food. At the pub, our craft brewers are passionate about exploring new flavor territories, and we enjoy to invite other talented brewers onboard in our processes and development. The opening of the pub has been a success, and we will dynamically develop our facilities to host relevant beer and music events.

Royal Arena

Royal Arena is a modern multifunctional arena located just a few kilometers from the Copenhagen city centre. Since the opening in 2016, the arena has hosted a wide range of events featuring the biggest Danish and international artists, musicals, and TV shows as well as international sporting events. Our Royal brand is not only a fantastic match to the Arena, the quality of our brands pay a fitting tribute to the soul and pride of Danish culture and its strive for the best.