Our recent four acquisitions over the past 15 months broaden our product offering

With a selective and critical approach, we are always looking for attractive new business opportunities matching our strategy of being a focused and strong regional multi beverage provider holding market-leading positions within beverages in the Nordic and Baltic countries supplemented by strong niche positions.

Three acquisitions in 2018….

The level of activity within acquisitions was exceptionally high during 2018 – we succeeded to acquire three businesses: the non-alcoholic beverage business, Terme di Crodo in Italy, the lemonade business Etablissement Geyer Frères in France and Nohrlund ApS producing ready-made organic cocktails for the Danish market. We also entered an agreement to acquire Bev. Con ApS, which owns a.o. the brands CULT Energy, SHAKER and MOKAÏ. The acquisition was completed 28 February 2019 following a long approval process from the Danish competition authorities.

The above new businesses fit well the growing opportunity for beverages that serve the core trends we observe across markets. “Better for you”, authentic, local and artisanal and with ever growing care for choice, including organic variants in the offerings.

The acquired businesses all bring attractive, iconic brands in their segments to our portfolio…

With the acquisition of Terme di Crodo and its strong LemonSoda brand we have more than doubled our business volume in Italy – and with two unique brand portfolios we are now able to meet consumers’ demand for a broader portfolio of high-quality products.

The acquisition of Etablissement Geyer Frères and the Lorina artisanal French lemonade brand has given Royal Unibrew a niche platform in France similar to our Italian business – and it will further strengthen our export portfolio.

Moreover, through the acquisition of a majority interest in Nohrlund, Royal Unibrew has entered into a strategic alliance on the distribution of ready-made organic cocktails with focus on the On-Trade segment – and through our broad distribution channel, we can offer consumers some very appealing, innovative organic drinks created by a modern beverage start-up.

The integration of the three new businesses is progressing well and we are now focused on creating commercial synergies – by joining forces to vitalize the acquired brands.

… and one more acquisition in Q1 2019

The acquisition of Bev.Con ApS (CULT) was concluded 28 February 2019 and adds strong brands like CULT Energy, MOKAÏ and SHAKER to the Danish portfolio of brands. MOKAÏ and SHAKER are both brands strongly connected to the night life occasion and close a portfolio gap. Integration has been initiated immediately.