Beer trends of recent times

Beer as a category has done itself well in recent years. Admittedly, mainstream lager products have seen a decline since the mid-1990s, but the same period has offered a veritable explosion within special beer and craft beer. A consumption change driven more or less exclusively by consumers’ inclination to taste new and more interesting beer types. The trend kicked off almost synchronically in the USA and Western Europe in the mid-1990s. Actually, Denmark was one of the first countries to take to the new special beer and craft beer. It was a natural response to decades of uninspiring beer offerings. In 1970, there were 70 breweries in the USA. Today, there are almost 5,000. The Royal Unibrew Group is embracing this trend and has over the past three years been working determinedly at becoming a key player in the craft beer segment. So far, ten craft beer brands have been launched.

In Finland alone, Royal Unibrew introduced two new craft beer brands in 2016. And we are not stopping at that. In 2016, Royal Unibrew employed Anders Kissmeyer who belongs to the international elite of master brewers. We have high hopes for the new brands in which Anders Kissmeyer is involved. Not least his personal signature brand which will be introduced to the international market in 2017.