Operating model

We are a multi-beverage business that is anchored around local strongholds, operating in categories with ambient beverages with longer shelf life. Our portfolio of branded high-quality beverages in relevant packaging formats are core to our business and the foundation from which we serve our consumers with products they want for all occasions whether they are at home, on-the-go or at a bar or a restaurant.


The multi-beverage business model enables scale benefits across the entire value chain, while the locally based operating model of Royal Unibrew enables us to decentralize the decision power. We have a simple proven performance management system where we monitor and operate the business across markets by focusing on volume growth, premiumization and efficiency improvements. It is all based on a central IT platform, while we drive scale benefits through a centralized procurement organization.

Raw materials

We use ingredients such as barley, water, sugar, juice etc. to produce our beverages. Our centralized procurement set-up is based on local and global suppliers, which meet our requirements of quality and reliability of supply. It is important that we achieve a stable, high-quality and sustainable supply, and we therefore work closely, and in collaboration, with our suppliers to understand the environmental and social footprint of our total activities. Additionally, our suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct and ethical guidelines.


We operate at fourteen production facilities in seven countries at which we make and fill a wide range of quality beverages for our consumers and customers. We aim to facilitate a work environment based on safety, health, job satisfaction and opportunities. It is part of our DNA to continuously look for efficiency improvements for our production facilities across our geographic footprint. We relentlessly focus on minimizing emissions from our production as we target to be 100% carbon emission neutral (scope 1 and 2) in 2025.


We rely on materials like aluminium, glass, rPET and PET for packaging. Although most of our packaging is recyclable, it does not always end up being recycled. We support a circular economy for our packaging where 100% of packaging is collected, reused or recycled, so that none of it ends up as litter or in the oceans. In our main markets Deposit Return Systems (DRS) secure a high level of recycling, but it can still be better. In countries like France, Italy and Latvia, we work for and support the introduction of DRS’s.


We employ around 2,900 people across our business – they make and sell our beverages, as well as provide great service for and with our customers. We aim to create a work environment for skilled, committed and loyal employees. We want to engage and inspire our people for them to thrive in a dynamic, highly inclusive workplace that truly values each individual.

Warehousing & distribution

Our broad assortment provides valuable scale in both warehousing and distribution as it enables full pallet delivery and thereby large average drop sizes. We sell our products in more than 65 countries around the world. We work with specialist transport companies to distribute our products to minimize the use of own trucks. In some markets we work with direct distribution from our own terminals to both Off- and On- Trade customers, while in other markets we work with a combination of direct distribution and distribution via wholesalers etc. In our International division, we work with partners who sell and distribute our products.


Our broad multi-beverage portfolio of great tasting products, considerable knowledge of the beverage market and strong customer service make us a preferred partner for our customers. We strive to support costumers with in-store execution where this is allowed, and we have the scale to be closer to the customer base. All our customers across all sales channels are essential to our business as they are our main route to market. We proactively engage with our customers to share knowledge and best practices across packaging and innovation trends to create solutions to minimize the impact of our collective carbon footprint related to our operations.


It is our mission to bring people together, facilitating great moments and enjoyment with our products wherever they are whenever they want. Our approach is to offer a selection of primarily local brands tailored to the local consumer supported by global brands. We use our category focus to ensure that we are well positioned to understand consumer needs and identify future growth drivers in an effort to create great tasting products. Our marketing complies with all relevant policies, such as our Ethical Business Policy and our Responsible Marketing Code.


As a regionally based multi-beverage company founded on a strong local presence, Royal Unibrew aims to be a responsible member of the community and make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of society. It is part of our culture to engage not only in the local societies surrounding our premises, sport clubs and our employees’ families but also in our brand communities, with customers, other business partners and NGOs. Our business model is underpinned by our commitment to the United Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).