Labour conditions (safety at work)



Royal Unibrew must be a safe and healthy place to work for its employees; the Group focuses on preventive measures to avoid employees being worn out and incurring work-related injuries and  works actively to promote job satisfaction.


Near-accidents are registered and followed up with a view to establishing preventive measures in order to avoid accidents.

At all production sites, health & safety activities are carried out adapted to the local production site and work area. In Denmark, for example, joint health & safety discussions, a joint health & safety day as well as courses with focus on tools to reduce daily peak loads were organised in 2016.

Job satisfaction was addressed in 2016 through workplace assessments and a job satisfaction survey among all employees.

Several products which may be transported directly to shops without any lifting have been developed.


The key risks relate to occupational accidents or employees being worn out due to physically demanding jobs and job dissatisfaction.


A target for the maximum number of occupational accidents per million work hours has been defined, and all occupational accidents are registered.

A job satisfaction survey is regularly carried out among all employees. The survey results in an overall job satisfaction score and provides us with the possibility of monitoring developments in the area.


The job satisfaction survey among our employees in 2016 showed a higher rate of satisfaction among Royal Unibrew employees than the peer benchmark.