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Dominica Brewery was constructed in September 1995 on the site of the former Spring Water manufacturer who then bottled under the brand of Eau Erte. This company is ideally situated Snug Corner in Loubiere, the optimal setting for brewing top quality beverages, because of the onsite availability of pure natural Spring Water.


As its principle label, the company markets a lager type beer called ' Kubuli '. While Heineken from St. Lucia dominated the local market before the advent of the indigenous beer, Dominica Brewery captured a market share of 80% from inception.


The newest addition to further compliment its line of products is Ginseng Plus launched in August 2002. Dominica Brewery's entire line products are a perfect balance of quality, nature and advanced technologies. In 2002 the flagship brand - Kubuli Beer - emerged a Gold Medal recipient in the Monde Selection Awards. This competition is organized by Monde Selection, a well known institution in Brussels whose sole purpose is to distinguish quality products.


In late 2006 Royal Unibrew acquired a controlling interest in Dominica Brewery. The acquisition was an integrated part of the Group's malt drinks strategy, and will win Royal Unibrew the leading position in the respective markets thus strengthening the Group's overall position in the region. Furthermore, the access to new, strong local brands and attractive product portfolios provides an opportunity of increased profitability through the expected synergies within purchasing, production, sales, marketing, distribution and organisation.

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