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Antigua Brewery was established to provide top quality beer, stout and soft drinks. It was built on Crabbs Peninsula by local contractors under the supervision of Brauhaase international Management G.M.B.H. of Hamburg Germany. Brauhaase, which has built and commissioned over twenty breweries worldwide, provided the technical expertise to ensure a top quality facility.


Antigua Brewery has broken new ground in the local beer market by using our in house desalination plant to provide fresh water for our operations and by offering refunds on returned bottles in re-useable plastic crates. Antigua Brewery is the company behind many of the popular drinks you know. We produce: Red Stripe, Carib, Guinness, Coca-Cola and other soft-drinks under license as well as our famous flagship beer, Wadadli.


Antigua Brewery's operation provides long term employment, savings to the nation on foreign exchange, contributions to the economy through taxation, training opportunities and increased care for the environment through our recycling programmes. But most of all, it provides up to 50,000 hectolitres of fresh, high quality beer and soft drinks every year!


In late 2006 Royal Unibrew acquired a controlling interest in Antigua Brewery. The acquisition was an integrated part of the Group's malt drinks strategy, and will win Royal Unibrew the leading position in the respective markets thus strengthening the Group's overall position in the region. Furthermore, the access to new, strong local brands and attractive product portfolios provides an opportunity of increased profitability through the expected synergies within purchasing, production, sales, marketing, distribution and organisation.

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