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The Franciscan Monks in the monastery of the small town of Jedrzejów began to brew beer in 1142. But it was not until 1823 that the southern Polish town had a beer production of any significance. After a change in ownership in 1906, the brewery expanded rapidly and began producing lager.



Strzelec owned by Danes

In the 1990s, the brewery was renamed Strzelec. In 2002, Strzelec Brewery S.A. merged with Brok Brewery S.A. to form Browary Polskie Brok-Strzelec S.A., which was acquired by Royal Unibrew in spring 2005. The brewery has an annual capacity of approximately 260,000 hectolitres.



ul. Pachońskiego 5
31-223 Kraków
Phone. (12) 415 87 73-75
Fax. (12) 415 89 61

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