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Faxe Kondi soft drink PREFERRED by Greenlanders



Beer and soft drinks are consumed to a large extent in Greenland.
The Faxe soft drinks hold a strong position in Greenland. By way of example, Faxe Kondi is Greenland’s most popular soft drink holding a market share of some 32%.

Marketing is effected through store activities, chain papers, advertising, ads in sports centres, sponsorships, etc.

Royal Unibrew sells beer to both the HoReCa and the retail sector.


General market conditions
The relatively high beer consumption in Greenland has been very stable over the past five years, 145–155 litres per capita per year. There are no signs that consumption will change.

Lager beer (4.6%) is the dominant beer in the market holding a market share of some 84%; in addition, strong beer and 2.2% low-alcohol beer are offered in the market.

Royal Unibrew and our key competitor are behind all beer and soft drinks products import. Distribution throughout Greenland is handled by KNI Pilersuisoq.
Greenland beer sales are dominated by the retail sector accounting for some 95%. This is eg due to the high beer taxes resulting in very high prices in the HoReCa sector. Soft drinks sales are primarily retail-based and in 50-centilitre bottles.

Both beer and soft drinks are sent in tanks to Nuuk Imeq A/S in Greenland’s capital, where they are bottled/canned.

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