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Where malt drinks are as popular as COLA


The many markets in the Caribbean have been the greatest lever in Royal Unibrew's efforts to become a world-leading malt drinks provider. In some places in the Caribbean, Vitamalt, which is the third biggest malt drinks brand in the world, sells better than cola. 


Malt drinks sales represent a target area to Royal Unibrew and our products have been exported to the Caribbean for more than 30 years. In addition to Vitamalt, we market Powermalt in most of the countries. Market shares vary from one country to the next, but in our main markets Vitamalt have a dominant position. 


As one of the few producers of malt drinks, Royal Unibrew makes sure to support its sales by a broad range of marketing initiatives. The initiatives comprise everything from TV, radio and other media advertising, consumer-targeted promotions and a large selection of point of sale (POS) materials. In some of the countries we utilise our developed distribution network to market Royal Export and Stout as well.


In 2004, Royal Unibrew acquired the majority of the shares of its distribution company Impec Holding SAS which is now distributing our products in Gaudeloupe and Martinique


In 2010 Royal Unibrew reached a license agreement with CervecerĂ­a Nacional Dominicana (CND) on production and sales of malt drinks to the Dominican Republic, Antigua, Dominica and St. Vincent.



General market conditions

The several hundreds Caribbean islands are gathered in some 30 countries, most of which have a local brewery. The individual breweries typically produce beer, malt and soft drinks. In addition, many of them have licensing agreements to produce and/or distribute international brands. The prevalence of international beer brands is more or less dependent on the country and the inflow of tourists.


Malt drinks are almost exclusively consumed by the local population. The bulk of the beer sold is of the lager type. In countries with ties to the EU, the retail sector is to a great extent moving towards chain concentration. Moreover, there are several pan-Caribbean supermarket chains that operate in several countries in the area.




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