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LONDON – the largest European market for malt beverages


Royal Unibrew has, for many years, been the dominant supplier of malt drinks in the malt drinks market in the UK. Since 1979, Supermalt (our key brand with a market share of more than 80%) has experienced significant growth. Later Vitamalt and Power Malt were introduced. Royal Unibrew has an overall market share of more than 85% of the malt drinks market in the UK

Marketing of our malt drinks in the UK market is conducted by Supermalt UK Limited, Royal Unibrew's UK subsidiary. Sales and distribution take place primarily via ethnic distributors and cash & carries (wholesalers), and further out to a wide variety of ethnic retail stores. In addition, we also increasingly sell through major supermarket chains such as Tesco and Asda/Walmart, Sainsbury and Morrisons. 

The Supermalt brand is based on many years of focused marketing campaign strategy. A significant part of our brand profiling is visibility, for instance through outdoor advertisements, a wide variety of events sponsored by Supermalt as well as product-sampling to consumers.

General market conditions
The primary consumer target group for malt drinks is the Afro-Caribbean population, which represents more than 1 million people in the UK. London is the largest single European market for malt drinks.

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